Pelvic Floor CD

Okay, we all know the importance of pelvic floor exercises Ė but who actually does them? Or at least, who does them frequently and regularly and correctly?

Itís not easy is it, with so much going on in our day?

One of the reasons I made this series of CDs is to encourage listening and learning at times that are convenient to you (I know that sometimes the only time I get to reply to my emails is at 11pm or 6am. I do all sorts of activities at all sorts of times to suit me. I just donít get the opportunity otherwise). Itís a bit like doing pelvic floor exercises. We just never get around to them. There are over 30 pelvic floor exercises on this CD. They are spread throughout the 7 tracks. The physical exercise alternates with education about the pelvic floor in pregnancy, during childbirth and then as you experience the pelvic floor restoration in the postpartum period. The CD will be like having a pelvic floor personal trainer with you all the time! Whenever you think of it, put on the CD and away you go. As you practice, you will become familiar with the exercises and will no doubt favor certain tracks. This is fine, as long as you keep exercising.

small product photo
small product photo

The Pelvic Floor Exercise Programme will help you with:

1. A regime of pelvic floor exercises to do in pregnancy for strength and tone, and to help any incontinence you might have.

2. Understanding the function of the pelvic floor during childbirth and instruction in awareness exercises to help you with pushing and crowning and avoiding episiotomy.

3. Motivation to commence your pelvic floor exercise programme as soon as the birth is over, and in between subsequent births.

4. Finally the CD script will then focus on the importance of pelvic floor exercises for life.

The CD is 60 minutes duration, so if you have a weak pelvic floor, begin slowly, doing only a few exercises a day, and build up as you feel more and more strength in your muscles. In pregnancy, you will not feel a major change in strength as the hormones play a major role in keeping them soft. All of this is explained in the script. Pelvic floor exercises are absolutely vital for the rest of your life.

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