Julia Sundin (JuJu) is a physiotherapist in private obstetric practice in Sydney. She is one of Australia's most prominent educators in prenatal education including both childbirth preparation and holistic pregnancy fitness. Her dynamic and innovative teaching style has inspired thousands of women and men towards a rewarding childbirth experience.

JuJu Sundin has published and lectured extensively in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States. She has been involved with the design and coordination of post graduate childbirth education courses in both health professional and consumer childbirth classes for many years. Her audience has included doctors, physiotherapists, childbirth educators, medical and physiotherapy undergraduates, fitness leaders and high school and kindergarten students.

JuJu Sundin is a registered physiotherapist, a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association and a life honorary member of the Women's Health and Continence Group of NSW. Over her 35 year career as a physiotherapist in Sydney, she has developed a special interest in human pain management, active birth principles, and motivation and mastery within the childbirth context.

Birth Philosophy
JuJu Sundin believes that even though birth is enormously challenging there is tremendous reward in even trying for a natural birth. And if you need (or choose) some medical assistance, JuJu works with her clients to look upon this as just another option within a range of all options available.

Birth is NOT about being a natural birth, an epidural birth or a Caesarean birth - all of these are possibilities, yet JuJu has seen women get bogged down with these labels for almost 30 years. Before you go into labour, no-one knows what the birth will be like. JuJu believes the focus should be on LEARNING from reading, attending classes, personal insights, life experience, talking and sharing, preparing physically and mentally - and then, on the day, with you as richly equipped as possible, take each 60 sec contraction one by one - see how you go, and who knows - you may surprise yourself.

"If we did all we were capable of, we would literally astound ourselves." - Eleanor Roosevelt