Labour Team T-Shirt

LABOUR TEAM T-SHIRT for every birthing couple

At last, something innovative TO HELP the labouring woman, but more importantly, TO HELP her partner.

What is the Labour Team T-Shirt?

Every woman wonders what she will wear into labour. This T-shirt has been specially designed not just as a comfortable garment to cover her body as she is working through her contractions, but also as an incredible aid to managing the pain and the process of childbirth.

Here are some key points to help you understand it’s benefits:
1. On the front of the T-shirt are carefully selected mantras for the woman to focus on during the contractions. She will rhythmically repeat them e.g. “healthy pain” or “baby down”. She may also visualize them, whisper them or listen to her partner recite them – over and over again until the contraction has gone. This distraction will help her focus away from the pain. These mantras are printed upside down so that the woman may glance down at them easily.

2. Also on the front is a ten centimeter circle. It represents the cervix and the diameter it has to open to in the first stage of labour. The internal sensation of dilation cannot actually be felt by the woman, so it is enormously helpful to look down at the ‘cervix’ on the front of the T Shirt, and not only focus on the important opening work going on inside her body, but also remind herself of the labour process itself. Because it is impossible to feel the cervix opening or, for that matter, the baby slowly moving deeper into the pelvis, often the woman gets lost in the ‘blackness’ and ‘meaninglessness’ of the pain. The image of the cervix is a brilliant tool for quick visual reference to help her stay focused on the task at hand. The cervix also has an extra inner circle at the 9.5 centimeter mark. This will tell her, maybe when she is just about to give up, that she is almost there- just another half a centimeter to go.

3. On the back of the T-Shirt are over 50 ideas for the partner and support people. They are in sections for easy reference – mind trip visualizations, keywords for action, positive pain mantras, essential oil focus reminders, alternative focus ideas, key words for relaxation and release, breathing and vocalizing, and finally, counting suggestions.

4. The printing on the back is the right way up for easy access by the partner. All text can be seen only from close proximity so it does not stand out from a distance.

5. The text on the Labour Team T-Shirt is in muted white on a choice of a soft butter yellow or pale stone fabric. The back length of the T-Shirt will more than adequately cover the woman’s body, even if she is in the all fours position, and even if she is very tall. Although there is only one size to fit all, our research told us that the main issue with size was a) a need to be loose not tight and b) to ‘cover our bum’! These were the two main design considerations.

When will you use it?
In early labour, after having a relaxing bath or shower, slip on the T-Shirt, so that you begin to feel comfortable in it (add loose track pants if you are cold). The text and the image of the cervix on the front is simple. Start to think about them, start to visualize them. If it is the daytime, your partner may not be home yet. If it is nighttime, you may let him sleep a little longer. You are going to use your key words and mantras to feel at home as you embark on the adventure of childbirth. You are going to replace any negative self talk or imagery with the positive suggestions. You are going to practice getting into the mindset of the established labour that is to come. You are going to replace fear and anxiety with the suggestions on your Labour Team T Shirt. You will be filled with excitement, not filled with panic.

As your contractions build up and your partner takes a more active support role, you will work together at home, in the car (that’s the beauty of the key words, mantras and counting ideas on the shirt - your partner can still keep you powerfully focused without taking his eyes off the road or his hands off the wheel), the birth centre or hospital. Your partner will now explore and develop his repertoire of ideas to help you. You see, when the two of you are totally engaged in the job of working through labour (not freezing in fear), your focus will be on activity not pain, your endorphins will kick in big time, and your labour will be faster. But you cannot do any of this UNLESS YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT TO DO!

And exactly what to do…step by step is the objective of THE LABOUR TEAM T-SHIRT!

Remember you can use the T-shirt for visualization, whispering, a mental blackboard, talking to yourself, or repeating the words out aloud. Keep it all rhythmic.

Remember also to rest in between contractions – there is a reminder of this as well, on the front of the T-Shirt. This is important in order to minimize fatigue.

And don’t forget at times throughout the labour to focus on the mantra on the front of the T- Shirt that says ‘baby’s on the way’, to remind you that no matter what your circumstances during childbirth, your baby is on his or her way into your arms.

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