Labour Pain CD

No one likes pain. It’s part of our survival instinct not to like it. We have a very powerful ‘pleasure/pain’ principle alive and well and operating inside of us throughout our lives, twenty four hour a day.

This is a good thing.

The pain of labour needs to be fully understood then so that you can come to grips with why it is there, what it is for, how it gets there, and where it actually physically takes up residence in your body when you go into labour. It’s an extraordinary pain, quite fascinating when you really learn about it, and it’s worth while remembering that we, the labouring women, actually make it on the day. It’s ours. No one forces it upon us. But so often all we can seem to do is try to alienate ourselves from it when we go into labour. Why? There is only one reason - because we are terrified of it. You see we like control and order, we like to say what we will have and what we won’t have in this life. Yet, when we begin our journey of childbirth, we know that probably the pain will get ‘bigger’ than we are. You are right! It will! But, once you understand what it is, why it’s there, how it is made, what it means, when it comes etc. you will breathe a sigh of relief and say ‘wow! I didn’t know all that!’ You know that women have been having babies for thousands of years. How do they do it? How do they get through the pain? Is it ‘sick’ pain? Is it ‘healthy’ pain? Is there a difference? How can my partner help me with all this and keep me focused on the day? How can my partner help me to be proactive rather than in a state of panic? Is it better not to use the ‘P’ word? What is actually going on in my body when the pain is present? What about my endorphins? Will they help me with this pain? Is it possible to have command and control on the day?

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small product photo

If you have no idea of the answers to these questions, you will benefit enormously from the Labour Pain CD. Listen to it separately, and together, then discuss it with any other support people you will have with you on the day. With labour pain, knowledge really is power (and control). Think ‘positive’, think ‘action’, think ‘healthy’, and think ‘I can give it a try because now I understand’

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