Face to Face with Childbirth Book

JuJu Sundin’s book, written specifically for women who are unable to attend her classes, focuses on preparation for a birth that is active and dynamic. It is essential reading for those who wish to learn everything about mastering labour pain.

Whether your motivation is fear, anxiety, natural birth, lack of knowledge or just need for instruction in how to face and handle labour pain – this book will fill in that black hole of panic and ignorance (you are not alone), and help you move towards the birth with a more positive approach, equipped with realistic, tangible tools that will help you to deal with contractions.

JuJu asks her clients to remember that:
1. The contractions are only 60 secs long
2. Mostly there is NO pain except during the contraction
3. The pain is healthy pain. Yes, it does increase in intensity, but it is healthy (as apposed to pain from sickness, disease, trauma or injury)
4. This means you can have a healthy, dynamic response to the pain

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Listen to what some of JuJu's clients have to say about Face to Face with Childbirth:

Client 1
"Face to Face with Childbirth was the only book we read- we are so glad we did."

Client 2
"JuJu, your book was a fantastic backup to classes - so practical and so realistic and so full of tangible, workable, useful strategies to help us cope with the pain."

Client 3
"We did as you said and read the book with a highlighter. When we went into labour all we had to do was quickly leaf through the pages and follow the instructions."

Book Orders
JuJu Sundin's book Face to Face with Childbirth is available by mail order by calling The Childbirth Education Association. The Childbirth Education Association can be reached on (02) 8539 7188. The cost of the book is AUD $30.00 which includes postage and handling. Payment can be made via credit card, money order or bank cheque.