Birth Skills Course Bookings

To apply for the Birth Skills Class, please fill in the following form to book a place. I will contact you by email when I can confirm your place. All classes are conducted as a one-off 3 hour small group intensives, with your attendance being in the last trimester of pregnancy. The cost is $450.00.

In the mean time, make sure you take advantage of all your hospital classes, safely enjoy your exercise activities (after 12 weeks of pregnancy or 14 weeks if you have had bleeding, but please check with your doctor for individual guidelines) and book into your couplesí ante natal classes. I'd prefer you to have read my book Birth Skills (with Sarah Murdoch) BEFORE you commence the Birth Skills intensive class, if you get a chance.

Please note, this Birth Skills Intensive Class is not a couples class, it is for the woman only and complements the hospital or community based couple's ante natal course. The focus in the Birth Skills course is on the PRACTICAL pain management tools and techniques to help you throughout labour. Both the first and the second stages of labour are addressed, as well as posterior back ache labour.

Birth Skills, a labour pain management manual, is excellent pre and post reading for my course. It is available from all good bookstores or the Allen and Unwin or Angus and Robertson websites. It retails for around $39.99. The authors are myself and Sarah Murdoch, published in 2007 in Sydney.

Class confirmations will be taken in order of booking dates on form. Please notify me by email if you change your address and phone numbers or wish to cancel.

Please fill in the following form to book attendance at Juju's classes:

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