Stress Balls

The simple, colourful, easy way to distract from labour pain.

Not one of my couples go into labour without their coloured stress balls and squeeze ball. A full description of the concept of blocking labour pain and generating endorphins with this labour tool is outlined in the book Birth Skills. Start with squeezing the soft squeeze ball, focusing on this - not just the squeezing action but the rhythm of the hand movement - this is ideal for distraction at home, and then in the car when your mobility is limited. (This squeeze ball is included complimentary with each stress ball pack). You can then progress to tapping your stress balls together lightly as the contraction pain increases and then increase to banging together or against a wall or ideally onto a picture of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The bridge image over the 60 seconds of a contraction is great as it has a start (southern pylon) a middle (the top of the bridge) and a finish (northern pylon). You can bang your way up to the top of the bridge (you will hear your partner say “going well, half way, now we are on the way down, keep banging, keep breathing, keep focusing, you are going so well”),and then bang your way down. You can either look at the picture on the wall or close your eyes and and visualize the very familiar image of the Sydney Harbour Bridge or any bridge you may choose. In Birth Skills you will read many stories from women who used the stress balls to help them manage the pain of labour. It is quite fascinating to read of the power of these little coloured balls.

It really does not matter what you do with the stress balls, just don’t go into labour without them.

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Includes Squeeze ball for labour – FREE with each stress ball pack (colour and type may vary)

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